Need help upgrading qlogic qla 2460 hba driver

Qlogic has a new ESX 3.5 driver (7.08) for its qla 2460 HBA's that I would like to try to install. Currently we are using the default qla2300_707 driver.

Here is part of the readme text, which leaves a lot to be desired by those of us who are not Linux pros:

1. Package Contents

The QLogic HBA API Libraries for VMware ESX Server 3.5

package contains the SNIA HBA API Libraries from QLogic.

The base HBA API Library distributed is version 2. The QLogic

library will run with VMware ESX Server inbox driver version


2. Using the HBA API Libraries

2.1 Installing the HBA API Libraries

To install the HBA API libraries:

1. Unpack the tarball into the /snia subdirectory.

2. Change to the snia directory.

3. Enter the following command:


The script installs the QLogic libraries.

Where is the snia directory? Can I extract it with WINRAR and then copy the files to this directory with VEEAM? Do I have to "uninstall" the old driver first? Is there a config file that has to be modified that tells ESX which driver to load?

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Use Veeam FastSCP to copy the 7.08-vm32.tgz file to the /tmp directory on the ESX host

SSH to the ESX server and issue the su - command, then issue the following commands:

cd /tmp

tar -xvzf 7.08-vm32.tgz

cd snia


That should do it. The "tar -xvzf 7.08-vm32.tgz" should create the /snia directory for you, and will take care of the rest.

Good Luck!

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