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Multiple VMKernels for NFS Datastores

Hi All,

I have recently been left in charge of our VMware infrastructure as one of my colleagues left. My knowledge of ESX setup is not great so I wanted to run something past you guys before implementing it. Sorry if this subject has been covered off in other strings, I did search around but couldn't find what I wanted.

In our current set up we have several different datastores on different vlans (1, 2 and 3) with only one VMKernel (per ESX host) on one of these vlans (vlan 1). Our hosts are clustered so are setup exactly the same. I assume that to communicate with the datastores on different vlans the communications would have to be routed; thus increasing response time. If I create additional VMKernels on separate vSwitches on each of the other vlans, would this speed up communications with the datastores?


vSwitch0 with VMKernel on vlan 1

vSwitch1 with VMKernel on vlan 2

vSwitch2 with VMKernel on vlan 3

Additionally should the second and third VMKernels have gateways stipulated or should they only be able to communicate in their own vlan?

Thanks in advance,


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