Memory Active & Memory Usage incorrect


running ESX server 3.5U3 123630 & VCU3 119598.

Out of 87 VM's, one VM is sometimes showing false memory information. It is a Windows 2003 EE 64 bit clusternode, running SQL server 2005.

It has 2GB RAM assigned and default resource options (Normal shares, 0 reservation, unlimited....).

The ESX has plenty of resources, so no overcommitment.

Now, when the VM is powered up, the application runs on the other clusternode, so nothing much happens except the Windows OS that boots up. Host memory usage and Guest memory usage rise, and then Guest memory usage drops after a while. This is normal behaviour. When the application is failed over to the problem VM, the SQL DB runs fine there. But, when I fail it back to the other clusternode away from the problem VM, the Memory Active and the Memory Usage remain very high. I see this both on the ESX server with esxtop as in the VI client on the Performance tab of the problem VM.

I know that SQL server takes all memory it can get and doesn't release it just like that. But if the service is stopped (because it is started on the other clusternode), it surely is released in Windows.

The only thing that helps is a Shut Down and Power up of the VM, but that is not really a solution offcourse. It already tried a VMtools reinstall. This VM was deployed from a template, like all many other VM's (including the other clusternode).

Any idea's ?

Thank you,


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apply last update of VC 2.5(Update4)., that fix this type of problems.

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