MS Clustering issue in VI 3.5 with RDM's

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I'm wondering if anyone has come across problems getting the MS 2003 clustering service to see\access shared disks in VI 3.5 . What we're trying to do is fairly straightforward - we have 2 vm's which both have virtual disks attached in the form of RDM's. The problem we're seeing is that the MS clustering service does not want to acknoledge the RDM as a shared disk. If anyone could provide any insight, 'twould be greatly appreciated.

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Did you configure it according to the MSCS Guide?


Are you using the cluster across boxes scenario and physical or virtual compatibility mode RDMs?

Have you configured an additional, dedicated vSCSI controller in the VMs for those RDMs, set it to physical SCSI bus sharing, and set the RDMs to use identical SCSI IDs on this controller on both nodes?

Are you seeing the disks on both nodes when they run concurrently?

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