MD3000i Multipath Issue

We are currently using SANmelody for our iSCSI SAN and I am adding a dual controller MD3000i. I have the iSCSI ports on the MD3000i configured in the same subnet as our existing iSCSI and I can see 4 iSCSI targets in vCenter. I can see all of the volumes that I created on the MD3000i in vCenter.

The MD3000i by default alternates the assignment of controllers as volumes are created, so volume1 is controller 0, volume2 is controller 1, etc. When I try to create a datastore for any volume assigned to controller 1 it fails with the error "Error during the configuration of the host: Failed to update disk partition information:" Trying to create a datastore on a volume assigned to controller 0 works correctly. If I change the assignment of the controller on the volume from 1 to 0 it works correctly.

The path policy is MRU and each volume shows 4 paths with a status of Active, On, On, On. On all volumes the first path is shown as active. From some of the documentation that I've come across it seems like the path of the controller not assigned to the volume should have a status of Standby. Have I missed something somewhere or do I just need to assign all of the volumes to controller 0?

Thanks for any help.


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