Is there any way to limit the number of Console sessions?

I would like to know if there is a way to limit the number of console sessions to a group of users to that machine.

I know there is a banner that tells you how many connections there currently are, but I am trying to limit access to one user and force the other users to use RDP.

I didn't see anything in the interface to allow this, how about a Configuration Parameter?

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You can do this by using roles and permissions. There is a role and permission for the VM under Interaction for console access..... You set up a new Role using the VIC and grant the specific user access that role. Specifically deny access to all other users.

This is your best bet as there is no way to limit the # of consoles available outside of limiting who can access the console.

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Simply do not give any users access rights in Virtual Center. Then, grant rights at whatever level you choose to the one user you do want to have access.

I used Virtual Machine User for most of my users that I felt comfortable in the Virtual Infrastructure Client. That gives them enough permission for things like restart and console access. It does not allow them to modify the machines though.

Any other users that didn't need access weren't granted access anywhere in Virtual Center.

If the users you want kept out are in the Virutal Center server's Administrators group, then you will need to remove the Administrators group from Virtual Center and add in another group or specific people that you do want to be Administrators in Virtual Center.

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