Is anyone doing iSCSI over NC7770 NICs?


I have recently deployed some NC7770 NICs as dedicated iSCSI adapters, but am getting BSOD on VMs when I VMotion them between hosts. All hosts are exactly the same, and have 3 NICs - 1 for regular VM traffic, 1 for iSCSI, and 1 for VMotion / Failover for iSCSI. So my hosts have 2 paths to iSCSI, and all are set to use first iSCSI adapter (NC7770) as prefered, with second (another NC7770) as failover.

BSODs don't happen if I do all traffic over the integrated adapter Broadcom 575x.

Anyone successfully using NC7770 for iSCSI? I know it is based on BCM 5701xxx chipset but the card is listed as supported in I/O HCL. What firmware version are you using?


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