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Is there a way of manually removing all components of the HP managment agent (8.20) for ESX


I have two identicel hosts (HPDL380G5) I have installed the HP managment agent 8.20 on both the servers.

The first server installed perfectly and is operational. (ran the preinstall fix and then installed installvm820 --install)

The second server appeared to install correctly but upon the server reboot I had network issues on my VM's with machines not having access to there VLAN's for network resources. A subsequent reboot resolved the issues with the VM's. The managent agent was not installed properly. Couldn't log into the web site until I allowed anonymous access and once logged in their was no information on the system. I went to uninstall the agent ./installvm820sh --uninstall. The uninstall did not complete and as there a reminents I cannot reinstall.

I am currently going through the logs..

My plan is to uninstall the agent and then reinstall. and if that fails look at rebuilding the host (Foundation only so no vmotion...what a pain)

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Hi, when you ran the install the first time did you run the and reboot the host before running the install?

EDIT: forget that, just re-read your post. If you do an rpm -qa | grep -i hp do you get any packages listed?



Thanks, Neil

Check the README.TXT of the package:



You need to change to the directory where the script is

located. Then enter the following command:

./ --uninstall

This will remove all instances of the HP Advanced Management Software

except the snmp stack.

During the uninstall, a prompt appears when the following

conditions exist:

(1) the system has an HP PCI IPMI device and

(2) the Pegasus service is in use

The prompt will request to stop Pegasus service.

" The installer must now shut down the Pegasus CIM server in

order to manipulate the IPMI driver. Pegasus CIM will be started

again once uninstall is complete. Remote management services

which depend on Pegasus CIM will be unavailable during the shutdown


This script will now attempt to shut down Pegasus CIM in order to

manipulate the HP Insight Manager Agents. Do you wish to continue (y/n)"

When the user's answer is yes, the Pegasus would be stopped and the

uninstall process would be continued. After uninstall of the agents, the

Pegasus service would be started again.

When the user's answer is no, the installation script will stop since the user

has indicated they do not wish to continue.

The firewall port for the `hpim' service, port 280, and port 2301 will be

disabled during uninstall of the agents.

A warning is displayed in regards to the snmpd service that has been enabled

in the firewall. The `snmpd' service can be disabled in the firewall

by using the command "esxcfg-firewall --disableservice snmpd".

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after running rpm -qa | grep -i hp

I can see the package hpsmh-3.0.0-68

Thanks for the feedback!

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Someone had put an ISO on the / partition and there was no space....

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