Getting error 'mismatched tag' when deploying vm from vm template


I'm running vmware vi esx 3.5 (build 283373) with vcenter 2.5 (build 64192)

After creating centos linux template in my vcenter I get error "A general system error occurred: mismatched tag"

During creating procedure there were no errors encountered. Template creating ended successfully.

Now i cannnot do anything with this corrupted template. I cannot deploy new vm from it, I cannot delete

it, I cannot convert it to virtual machine. Same error occurres when I try to do something with template. Then I created

similair template (I mean i used same settings and same guest os, but named it CentOS-Linux-template) and

it works fine. How can get rid of this corrupted template? As I understand this error may be related to xml parsing. Here is


<?xml version="1.0"?>



<VMId type="string">52 3f c1 de 10 22 9d 8d-84 d9 cb 50 ef a9 05 49</VMId>




<vmxPathName type="string">CentOS-template.vmx</vmxPathName></VM></Foundry>

I've searched in google and in vmware communities and ened with 0 results.

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