Findings of Intel DP35DPM Motherboard

Just thought I would post my findings with building a Home ESX solution.

The initial issue was with the install. Had to do an http install as ESX could not see the cdrom. Its looks like the new chipset presents the CD-rom as a Sata CD and not an PATA.

Second issue was once installed that ESX reported the Using PIC / NOAPIC error. Also the adaptec card was having errors and crashed and corrupted the raid array. Looks like ESX does not like the PCI interface therefore causing problems with the adaptec card.

Moved all the hardware to an MSI P35 Neo which is the same chipset. All went smooth.

The config I purchased was

Intel Q6600 CPU

Intel DP35DPM however will replace with MSI P35 Neo

4 x 2Gb Kingston 800mhz

Adaptec 2610SA Sata controller

2 x Seagate Baracudda 160gig SataII disks

Coolmaster 550watt Powersupply

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Thanks for the posting. I am looking at some open box of this MSI MB on Newegg for $39 (!).. w/ 4 slots.. and I have the same SATA controller. I think you can adjust the way the CDrom is presented to the MB in the bios (ie Legacy/or SATA).. Any luck getting this MB to run as a whitebox vSphere4 box?... I am going to use this and an E6300 should work.. Thanks.

Jonathan Reininger

Springfield, IL

VMware VCP 3.5 VMware VCP 4.0 VMware VCP 5.0
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