Fallback Mode - Memory Problem

The ESX server is not booting and I found the following errors in the dmesg log file after doing a vm-support command. Does anyone know where else in the logs I can find more information about this error? Does anyone know what could be the problem?

TSC: 51400050 cpu0:0)ACPI: 963: 3 nodes found in SRAT table

[7mTSC: 51410580 cpu0:0)WARNING: ACPI: 981: No memory detected in SRAT node 0[0m

[7mTSC: 51423495 cpu0:0)WARNING: ACPI: 981: No memory detected in SRAT node 2[0m

TSC: 51436785 cpu0:0)NUMA: 469: 3 real nodes found

TSC: 51453225 cpu0:0)MTRR: 99: 40 physical bits, 48 virtual bits

TSC: 51467220 cpu0:0)MTRR: 459: MTRR: cap=0x508

TSC: 51480675 cpu0:0)MTRR: 472: MTRR: deftype=0xc06

TSC: 51495390 cpu0:0)MTRR: 303: MTRR 0: start=0xe0000000 end=0x100000000 type=0

TSC: 51513810 cpu0:0)MTRR: 303: MTRR 1: start=0x818000000 end=0x820000000 type=0

TSC: 51538620 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0x0 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 57021165 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0x80000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 58362405 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xa0000 type=0x0

TSC: 59702460 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xc0000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 61045575 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xc8000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 62389410 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xd0000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 63733575 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xd8000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 65076720 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xe0000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 66421815 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xe8000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 67765875 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xf0000 type=0x606060606060606

TSC: 69109725 cpu0:0)MTRR: 343: start=0xf8000 type=0x606060606060606

[31;1mTSC: 2119623540 cpu0:0)ALERT: MemMap: 1535: No pages allocated to Node 0 -- big mismatch between BIOS and SRAT memory maps, or MTRR error, or user removed all memory from a Node. Try checking memory or upgrading BIOS.[0m

[31;1mTSC: 2119670490 cpu0:0)ALERT: Init: 304: Memory manager could not start (bad0013)[0m

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Did your server ever boot succesfully? Ik looks like you got some bad memory in the server.



This is a good question. I'll get back to the administrator to find out.


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