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Equallogic / snapshots / vcb / backup strategies

Hello all, I recently deployed several Equallogic arrays into our esx 3.5

environment (everything was on local storage previously) Have been very happy

so far but I had a general question and was wondering about a specific scenario

and was wondering if I was approaching it the right way.

I would like to do vcb backups from Equallogic snapshots,

obviously there will be plenty of scripting involved but I’m wondering If it is

worth the effort. My concern is that I have a few large VMs (exchange) which

take a very long time to back up and I don’t want VMware snapshots to be online

for that long a period as we all (should) know that this impacts performance.

In theory using a combination of Equallogic and vcb

scripting I would be able to take an Equallogic snapshot, put it online, have

an esx host see it as a vmfs store register a copy of the vm and be able to vcb

backup that snapshotted instance of the virtual machine.

Thanks very much for your thoughts


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