ESX3.5 Update1 - Host Not responding


am pushing the update1 through update manager manually, but the esx host goes in "Not responding" state after the patch is installed.

i need to reboot the host manually, to get it in VC back. My env. - ESX3.5 in VC2.5.

did migrate the VMs to other esx & pulling in Maintenance mode & remediate the server - which is usual. After the patch is completed, the server goes in "Not responding" state, though i could SSH the server. I'm manually rebooting each esx to get it back normal in VC. But i remember, the hosts restarted automatically after the remediation is complete long time back.

The log file is normal with the last line as - "root: Final state: SuccessNeedsHostdRestart"

Any of your help is much appreciated.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Try the following:

Remove the host from virtual centre

service mgmt-vmware restart

service vmware-vpxa restart

Add the host back into virtual centre

if that doesnt work post any errors from your vpxa.log and hostd.log files.

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