ESX guest and Availablity Consraints error


I have a 2 server 3.0.1 cluster using shared NAS storage. HA and DRS is enabled on the cluster.

I have a guest I want to have running on one of the hosts, but I don't want it on the shared storage (local storage only) and not in any resource pools for the HA. The guest was made from a physical server clone using the VMWare Converter tool. After the server is converted, the attempt to power on the guest throws a "insufficent resources to satisfy configured failover for HA" error and will not start.

Turning on the "allow VM's to be powered on even if they violate availabilty constraints" option will let it start, but that is a bit risky. I would rather have that off. I can migrate it over to a 3.5 cluster running the exact same HA and DRS settings, and it will work just fine (I can't leave it there due to networking contraints). When I migrate it back, the error returns.

Is there any way that I can have this guest not be part of the cluster, and not be subject to the HA contraints? I want it to remain on local storage as it is simply a reference server and doesn't need vmotion and the need for NAS space.



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You can remove a server from DRS, but it will still be used for HA slot size calculation. HA slot size is used to determine the total capacity of your cluster, and to determine how many vm's can be powered on in case there was a host failure. To see an example, see here http://communities.vmware.com/message/1128559#1128559

The reason one cluster behaves differently is because it has different vm's that may be configured differently which makes the slot size calculation different.


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