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ESX/VMotion Compatibility between 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD Opterons

We currently have a 5 node ESX farm using HP BL365 G1 (Opteron 2200) and BL685 G1 (Opteron 8200) blades. We want to add another blade to the farm but HP has moved on to the Generation 3 Opterons 2300 and 8300s with the G5 versions of the blades. We are on ESX U3 right now and will most likely be on U4 before we actually do the expansion. I'm been reading through a lot of docs online but I'm not still getting a good idea what we would lose (if anything) if we enable EVC and have both Gen 2 and Gen 3 AMDs in the same cluster.



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As far as I understand all of the servers in the cluster would only function at the level of your G2 proc's. Untill you replace the servers with the G2 with G3. But untill then you have the capability of having all of these servers in the same cluster.