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ESX 3.5 compatibility with TYAN S2892


I would like to build a test server using ESX 3.5 with a Tyan S2892 motherboard, but even if I've found some encouraging posts on the forum, I'm not getting the results I was expecting.

I see that one of the other motherboards from Tyan, the S2895 which uses the same Nvidia Raid controller CK804, is on the "Motherboards and unsupported servers that work with ESX 3.5" list, but the related link on the forum gives me an "unauthorized" error even if I'm logged in. Anyway, I've found a post from Erik Bussink which says that he's been able to validate the S2895 using only the integrated NVidia RAID as the storage adapter.

A good starting point, but on my S2892 with two Opteron 275, 16GB Ram and a single 250GB disk connected to the Nvidia Raid as a spanned volume, ESX setup hangs during ATA disks detection. I'm using Bios 2.05, set to default values and then reconfigured to allow the Nvidia Raid.

So? there might be some differences between the Bios of the two motherboards to explain everything, but I've found another post from Steven Rodenburg talking about a working configuration between the S2892 and ESX 3.5.

Is there someone who's working with this motherboard or has any experience setting it up with ESX 3.5 who could give me some advice about how to make it work using only the Nvidia Raid ?

Many thanks in advance,


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