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Dual booting ESX and HyperV

Hi All - I have a couple of whiteboxes each booting ESX 3.5U2 from a single SATA drive (the config below will be different if u have a different setup). I wanted to try and install Windows 2008 along side ESX to practice <cough>HyperV<cough> (its going to happen to the best of us!)

Anyway cut a long story short, in case it helps anyone out, this is how I did it.

1 - Install Windows 2008 first (after removing all other partitions from drive - you can do this from the 2008 setup)

2 - Install ESX however manually create the partitions required. Do not force primary partitions.

3 - ESX will overwrite the Windows 2008 bootloader with Grub

4 - Boot ESX and vi /boot/grub.conf

5 - add the folowing lines to the end of the grub.conf

title Windows 2008

root (hd0,0)


chainloader +1

6 - reboot and you should be able to see Windows 2008 on the Grub menu alongside ESX.



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Did it make you feel dirty??

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The real trick is to do this with Windows 2008 and ESXi, now that would make me feel like I was covered in dirt. Smiley Happy Well, maybe not dirt, but dirty just the same.

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