Disaster while Disaster & Recovery-Test - ESX-Server inaccessible

Hello Community!

I have a strange problem with a ESX-System (3.5u4) based on 6 HP Servers combined with a Active/Active NetApp MetroCluster Storage-System based on 2 Filers.

Here is the Situation:

2 Racks each with 3 ESX-Servers and 1 Filer-System. Both connected with redundant Power, LAN and SAN (Fibre-Channel).

Last week, I had to do a desaster & recovery test with this system. So I decided to cut the power of one of these Racks. I know, that this test ends up in a split-brain situation and I know what to do with the NetApp- and ESX-System in this case.

My expectation of this test was the following:

  • Cut the Power of the Rack

  • Watching several VMs to Crash (Some VMs because those run on the "crashed" ESX-Servers and some other because those have their datastores on the "crashed" Filer but are running on the surviving ESX-Servers)

  • Watching HA-Cluster to boot crashed VMs on the surviving ESX-Servers with datastores on the surviving Filer

  • After a while, the admin starts the recovery process on the NetApp- and ESX-System

This should be the situation: Power-Outage accours and the ESX-System tries automaticly to recover and use the remaining VMs without manual-interaction. After a while, the admin gets noticed of this situation and decides the next steps. I know, that the "normal" HA only consider the crash of one ESX-Server, but this isn't the problem. The real problem is the following:

When I cut of the power of the Rack, the other surviving ESX-Servers were nearly inaccessible / usable.

I can't logon with VI-Client; logon to serviceconsole works fine, but every command concerning the scsi / vmfs-system hung. I can't even look, if crashed VMs from other systems are booted.

I waited about 40 Minutes for a change of this situation, but nothing happend.

The situation got better, when I started the recovery process on the surviving NetApp-Filer. In this process, the LUNs from the crashed Filer gets online.

The vmkernel log is full with entries concerning "Path is busy", "SCSI-Reservation-Timeouts" and lots of other stuff.

Basically, I know this is a very hard test and I was not suprised that the system gets inaccessible in the first minutes. I nearly stole them the half of the datastores and the system tries to search them; this is ok. But I was suprised, that the system didn't get in a general timeout, stop searching and proceed with other tasks, such as running the surviving VMs...

My question to the community is - Was this a normal behavior? Fortune? When not, what can I do to solve this problem? Support with both Hardware-Vendors are in progress, but at the moment there are no answers. Is there a parameter for such things?

I think, others of you will also tried such desaster-tests with your ESX-Cluster-System. Perhaps with other Hardware, but what effects did you got? Have you got similar problems with your ESX-Servers or happened nothing?!?

I don't want to try this test again until I have some answers or hints to hope, that this happens never again Smiley Happy

Best Regards


Sorry for my englisch-

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