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Data Protector on VM: size 1,1GB - size on disk 5,2GB


I supposed to work on tiny VM - 10GB c: partition but eventually found that just 80MB is free.

I started cleanup and came to Program Files. Here I found OmniBack folder with 1,1 GB size, but 5,2GB size on disk....

OmniBack is DataProtector agent folder and contains tons of files less than 1K.

I checked cluster size on this VM. It is 4K.

Sure that DataProtector agent should not take 1GB. But I would like to know relation between cluster size of esx host and guest.

If somebody can suggest something regarding Dataprotector (v6) it will be good too. I want just to help to upper guy by bringing the info about cluster size and DataProtectior.

Or I have to find Data Protector forum? At least here I can find the answer about cluster size.



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