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Consideration for low cost DR site. Is this the right way to use NFS?

Here's the simple rundown.

At the Corporate Office data is extracted from the SAN w/ VCB and stored on LNXCORP (which is just a Debian fileserver)

The backup files get rsynced to the DR site every nite (to an identical Debian box)

I'm adding some ESXi servers to the DR site to replace the hodge podge of stuff that was there before.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on replication software and I'd rather not keep the DR servers running around the clock. I'm thinking that I will create an NFS export on the "Roles Undeclared" server in the drawing. I can rsync from corporate to DR straight to the NFS share and also boot the VM's from that export.

Will that work? the NFS export is the only way I could think of that would keep me from having to copy the data from the Debian box at the DR site to another place for the VM servers to boot...


the DR system does not need to be fast. It just has to work for a few critical users.

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