Cannot use nfs store after upgrade (ESX Server, 3.5.0, 163429)

After applying latest patches (ESX Server, 3.5.0, 163429) the nfsclient kernel module didn't load

failing with an unresolved symbol error.

From VI client cannot add an NFS store, the operation return the followin error:

Error duringthe configuration of the host: SysinfoException: Node (<null>); Status(bad00c2)= Module not found; Message= Unable to Get Instance List

What can I do?


# vmkload_mod nfsclient

Using /usr/lib/vmware/vmkmod/nfsclient

Warning: unresolved symbol OC_ClearAllCachesInt

Warning: Undefined symbols.

Warning: Have you loaded the vmklinux module (with the '-e' option)?

vmkload_mod PANIC: Failed to load module nfsclient


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Seem that modules files is corrupted, or you are using a different kernel version.

Have you tried to reboot your host?

If yes, you can try to reinstall the old version from the ESX CD.

Check the package name for NFS support with:

rpm -qf /usr/lib/vmware/vmkmod/nfsclient

Then mount ESX CD, and force a package reinstallation (or try to reapply the upgrade).


Andre | | | @Andrea_Mauro
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