Boot Process hang while running "Loading VMkernel qla2300_707_vmw.o (options: ’’)"

Dear VMware Experts,

Actually we have ESX 3.5 and ESX 4.1 in  our system. We have a plan to upgrade the existing ESX 3.5 to version 4.1 as soon as possible.
In our system, we have 4 Blade Servers which have ESX 3.5 (VMotion and Cluster) installed on it and 1 Blade server which has ESX 4.1 installed on it.

All ESX hosts have 10 VMs on it. All the VMs are production server. The datastore of all VMs are located on
NetApp Storage (FAS2020). We have a plan to migrate the location from NetApp FAS2020 to FAS2050 (from one storage to another storage).

Either all ESX hosts or Storage connected via SAN Switch (SAN Network)

Actually, migration process run successfully. But we have a problem while booting all ESX Host.
The booting process was stuck with messages "Loading VMkernel qla2300_707_vmw.o (options: ’’)"

Waiting for 30 minutes did not give any luck. The process was hang.

we have tried to boot the system using options "Service only (console for troubleshooting)", but it also stuck on it ;(

So, because of this, we did rollback plan. (Returning all the datastore back to FAS2020).
Another problem after rollback, all datastores did not detected by VMs and all VMs status were inactive.

We have set LVM options to "1" (in software settings) . So, all datastore can be detected by VMs again.

Actually, do you have any Standart Operation how to do datastore migration from one storage to another storage, please?
Why after replace the storage, all ESX host can not boot normally (stuck)? is it normal? How long it will take time to boot?

Kindly need your help, please



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I suggest to check HCL (because it could be different from 3.5 to 4.0).

And also firmware update level.


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Try upating the firmware.. seems like the issue is around ur qlogic... are u booting from SAN?

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Dear Andre and Bilalhasmi,

Thank you very much for your help. Actually I got this error message while trying to migrate all my VMs from old storage to new storage. I have tried to sent the log files to VMware support but they also had no idea about this issue... Smiley Sad

So, we have another way for migration process and it succeed using storage migration.

Thank you very much for your help



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