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Best way add storage disk space ?

I have ESXi running on a dell 2950 that has 1.40TB of total raid space, with 920gb available after setting up 7 vm servers.

I have yet to add my File Server, which still is a physical machine running 2003 Server - that its only purpose in life is to store/retrieve data files (pics,videos,downloads,etc..) accessed by all other servers and workstations.

I can't decide the best way to make these files availble from the 2950...I don't really need another "Server" running and since I setup the ESX with 1 meg block size - there is the 256gb limit per vm, which I need about 750-800gb for these files.

I've looked at OpenFiler -thinking about a Sans solution, or temporarily moving all vm's to another location, deleteing the datastore and re-doing it with a larger block size to get the larger space available to a vm server.

Was there a preferred way to use part of the raid for the datastore for the vms and use the rest of the space for "shared access" for all servers and workstations ? Sound like whatever solution is best, the datastore needs redone?

Open for suggestions....


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The cleanest solution is to move vm's off, create a datastore and define a larger block size to accomodate your file server in its entirety, and then use the remaining as a separate datastore.

You really don't want ESX to do any sort of filesharing, so a vm should do that for you instead.

If you can not re-create your existing datastore, then you can attach 256GB disks to a file-server vm, and mount those as folders off a common root. This is assuming you have folder on your fileshare that can be logically broken down into smaller chunks and mounted separately.

Case of absolute last resort is to create a spanned volume in windows with multiple smaller disks, and create a spanned volume out of those disks.


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I agree with kjb but I'm kinda anal about making everything right from the start. If it was me in your shoes and I was able to migrate off that storage for a short time to rebuild the LUN I would do that, work arounds/bandaide solutions drive me nuts.

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