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Backup strategy with VMBK

At the moment, my strategy is:

\- VMBK runs once a week, early AM Sundays, and performs a full backup of all vms. It has to

\- An operating system level backup program fires Monday-Saturday giving me the granularity to restore specific files, not to mention much faster runtime.

\- The disaster recovery plan is to restore the Sunday backup, bring the box up, then restore any configuration changes i.e. IIS, then restore the incremental backups.

But the OS virtual disks are small enough to run a complete VMBK backup every single night. I'm thinking I'd rather not have to mess around with restoring server configurations or reinstalling an application just because I'm only performing a snapshot backup once a week. So I'd like to be able to set up a cron job to run nightly and only back up specific vmdks on each vm, and I'd still like the Sunday job to fire and do a full backup of all vmdks.

I see that I can set SCSI parameters within the .vmx file to specify which disks will be backed up, but that appears to be a global setting, meaning if I fire vmbk using the weekly config file or the daily config file, it will only back up the specified disk... which isn't what I want.

Is what I'm trying to do possible?

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