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Alcatel Falcon 7800 - Dell Blade servers - Vlan 802.1q - vlan tagging

I have multiple ESX 3.0.1 servers on Dell 1955 blade servers. Has anyone been able to use VST with Alcatel Falcon 7700/7800 series series with Dell blade servers that only have 2 nics?

I've attempted to qtag both nics ports on my network switches. I've created a new port group vlan 100 within ESX. I've assigned the vlan to the nic of the vm session. But whether I'm using a static IP or DHCP, I have no network connectivity.

I've disabled the default vlan 1 on my switch and my default ports are on vlan 32 and vlan 100 are tagged over these ports. I've called VM support but they have no documentation/support when it comes to Alcatel based network switches.

Anyone using Alcatel with any success?

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