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vRDM vs pRDM for backup reasons

We are actually using some large LUN connected to our VMs and we use them as pRDM to just mount them and do a Backup (we have an EMC system).

Due to some problems we were thinking to move from pRDM to vRDM ando to have the possibility to do a VCB backup of the VMs thru VCB.

My question is easy: someone has never tested? Should I be able to mount the SAN snapshot as before and see the same data?

We will do a test anyway, but I was wondering if someone had previous experiences about this.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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I use Virtual RDMs with no issues. The backup tools for VI3 see them all and record them with no issues. As for being able to use the RDM as part of another physical server, that may not be possible. I would not, in this case I would keep it as physical which is what VMware suggests. If you have snapshot capability in your storage then whether it is Physical or Virtual makes no difference.

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