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upgrading 2.0.1 Virtual Center clustered instance to 2.5 ... regkey pointing to DB location disappears.


I'm having this really weird issue where the regvalues under HKEY_Local_Machine\software\vmware, inc.\vmware virtualcenter\DB disappears when failing the cluster over. This only happens in cluster mode though ...

I exported the key out as a safeguard so I don't have to do a repair install everytime, but I can't figure out why this is happening. I have a couple of ideas based on troubleshooting, but I'm not sure why it would affect the app, nor why it would actually delete the regfolder and subkeys.

This version of VC moved from SQL Server cliend ODBC connectors to SQL Native Client. I'm running SQL Server 2005 SP2. Virtual Center was running beautifully as a clustered db and app previous to the upgrade. After the upgrade ... things went south.

As a standalone windows service that isn't tied to the cluster service, the app runs fine on it's own. no magically deleting regkeys. Once you start the cluster service and fail the vxpd service ... poof ... the keys apparently are "magically delicious" because they disappear and the service won't restart on either node.

so ... somewhere I'm missing a service (SQL Native client perhaps) that requires clustering ... or a parameter of some sort.

Anyone have any ideas ... because I'm fresh out.

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