Where to download an old version of ESX install media

Hi All,

I have a site which has a server where the host RAID set has been broken.

I need to reinstall the VMWare ESX Server, 3.0.1, 32039 on this host but no longer have the install media.

Is there anyway of downloading old versions of ESX anywhere?



[root@esx2 root]# cat /proc/vmware/version
VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 [Releasebuild-32039], built on Sep 25 2006
vmkernel build: 32039, vmkcall: 45.0 vmnix interface: 60.0 driver interface: 7.0 kernel: 55.0
vmnixmod build: 32039, interface: 60.0
vmnix kernel interface: 55.0
vmksysinfo version: 5325b8d6655bb6e28fe6c15313016c86
Loadable module version info:
vmkernelID: 0x2fdfd0a
   vmkapimod                        build 32039: Built on: Sep 25 2006
   vmklinux                         build 32039: Built on: Sep 25 2006
   cciss                            build 32039: HP CISS Driver (v 2.4.54-14VMS with P400 and E200 suppor
   bnx2                             build 32039: 1.4.36b
   tcpip                            build 32039: Built on: Sep 25 2006
   cosShadow                        build 32039: Built on: Sep 25 2006
   migration                        build 32039: protocol: 5.0 vmk interface: 3.0
   lvmdriver                        build 32039: 3.16, built on: Sep 25 2006
   nfsclient                        build 32039: Built on: Sep 25 2006
   vmfs3                            build 32039: 4.21, built on: Sep 25 2006
   vmfs2                            build 32039: 2.52, built on: Sep 25 2006
   iscsi_mod                        build
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you are looking for a product that is EOL.  Getting install media may be a tough find.


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VI 3.0 is out of support and is not available for download anymore.

You may consider installing a newer version (3.5 is still available here: http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/datacenter_downloads/vmware_infrastructure_3/3_5)

Or you might want to contact VMware support if you really need 3.0.

- Andreas

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Hi portuguesedan,

I understand your concern .Some times we need old version for particual application .

But its very tuff to get from vmware portal because of very old version .

  please check some site like old version and filehippo

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