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Upgrading ESX3.0.2 to 3.5i with new hardware for Virtual Centre..

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Our current situation is 3 x ESX 3.0.2 Hosts with a Virtual Centre V2 running on its own Hardware. We are in the process of upgrading to 3.5i/2.5.

The VC server Hardware is being replaced, so an inplace upgrade not possible.

My plan is to create a new VCentre 2.5 Server utilising local SQL 2005 Express using a 60 day trial License server.

When this is running I would disconnect each ESX host in turn from the Existing VC2.0 and connect to the VC2.5 server

Once all Hosts are are connected to the VC2.5 server I would then shut down the VC2.0 server and shift the licence file to the new VC server.

Once this is complete I will then look at using the VMWare update manager to install 3.5i on each host in turn....

I have been searching the vmware docs and I cannot find an upgrade scenario that includes installing a brand new VC2.5 server into an existing 3.02/2.0 environment

Is this a feasible option?

Is there any glaring pitfall that I have overlooked...

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All of your steps seem fine with the exception of using the Update Manager for the 3.02 to 3.5 upgrade. Without the host already running 3.5 you will not be able to do the update from the tool. You will need to install the system from CD and do the upgrade on each host individually.



You got it correct..just make sure you follow all the steps manually and not using any auto update. Also dont forget to take backup of your data before starting the process...



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