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Total Formatted capacity of a VMFS is greater than the capacity of the extents combined

I have two luns concatenated to form one vmfs volume. Why is the total size of the extents less than the total formatted capacity? Other, non-concatenated luns do not show this difference.

The total formatted capacity of the LUN is identified as 719.25 GB

vdf output shows a size of 719 GB in Size and 91% used.

The two extents are identified like this:

  • extent vmhba40:1:0:1 600.00 GB capacity

  • extent vmhba40:1:1:1 60.00 GB capacity

This gives a total usable capacity of 660 GB for the vmfs volume, yet I have a total formatted capacity in excess of this number. The total formatted is considerably higher. High enough that I cannot account for the discrepency. Can someone help me to understand the difference?

This is VMware 3.0.2 Build 61618 with VMFS version 3.21

block size is 4MB

!! storage is iSCSI attached !!

vpa reports Capacity 772288806912 (184128 file blocks * 4194304)

VCP VI3 VCP VSphere 4 RHCA #805007392628032
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