SnapHunter and VC 2.5

Hi everyone

I keep getting this error with SnapHunter.

WARNING: Invalid user credentials or hostname supplied. SsId and commit snaps will not be available.

VM SNAPSHOT DETAILS: Current snapshot SsId is not available unless you

Just want to verify that it does work with VC 2.5 .

I wanted to see if there is anyone out there that can verify 2.5 compatibility with SnapHunter.

Thank You

Rene Hasprunar

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Did you use it with no problems on older vers of VC (and having upgraded you are suddenly now getting that error?) - or have you only ever tried it on VC2.5.

If the latter - what params are you using - are you using -c and the config file? or are you specifying the VC server specifically in the params?

I have had issues using the config file - if you recreate it from scratch in VI - that sorted it out for me...

I have found the odd issue in snap_hunter - I think one of them did cause that issue - have written an amended version - but don't think Alex has had chance to look at it yet?

If you PM me and/or give your email address - I can send you a copy of the amended version to try out.

I'd be very surprised if it didn't work on VC 2.5 - but don't have VC2.5 installed yet - so can't guarantee it?



Hi Thanks, for the response.

I only tried it with 2.5 so that function never worked for me. It does send emails using my smtp server. I did however use nano not vi to edit the config file. Can you send me your modified config file. I also have not tried the parameters right in the command line.

Great hints.. Thank you for your reply!!


ps. My email is

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