Several Questions about ESX, Install Issues and many others-Have fun on Wed

First statement to make it I'm always learning about VMWare because well I a huge fan. Also would love to get my VCP Cert work with all these great tools.

So I decided to get the demos of ESX and several other VMWare products to test with. So let's break it down. When you install ESX Server under the Virtual ACE 6 Workstation on an IBM Laptop or any Laptop it requires a SCSI Harddrive correct? I could be wrong about this so my question is will it work with a SATA Drive or IDE? If you’re installing the Linux version of ESX what are the commands to make it read the drive? Do I need to change something in the VM Bios?

Next question let’s say someone built a slim down install for Vista but only in the Player and it defaults to this directory C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ACE can I just install VMWare ACE in another directory? I don’t want to interrupt the VM Player install of Vista. Believe this was built with a package for testing. Looking like it’s the player because I don’t have the same functions as the full VMWare ACE Client. Is there a simple way to add other VM’s to the Player I don’t seem to have as much control for sure. Anyone know what the switches are run in silent mode?

Does VMWare or anyone have an FTP Server with all these packages already built to learn from? That would be really cool if they could say built packages for all the apps to play with inside VMWare workstation. The other thing is does the license expire at 30 days for the trial what happens to your VM Sessions you created will they still work? Can you extend the 30 days?

VMWare Training Centers vs. Boot Camps? So tell me guys and girls what would you recommend self study vs. a boot camp? I going to be moving soon my goal to complete my Server+, VCP and CCNA within about a 3 month period. Crazy I know. I already have several years of IT experience with MCP, Vista and other training but this would be nice.

What do employers look for in VMWare Expert? Have some really good datacenter exposure already from hardware standpoint working on HP servers but I would gather most of the VMWare folks out here are Sys Admins, Network Admins that use VMWare day to day. Could some of you share your roles with me on VMWare so I can hone my skills around this?



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In order to get the VCP certification you are required to have taken one of VMware's courses. So you would want to take one of the courses given by VMware instead of a third-party course.

Dwight Hubbard - RHCE, VCP

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