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Regarding Adding addiotional space in ESX server

Hi Friends,

I have ESX server of disk space 2x 72 GB RAID 1.. Free space left in server is 2.13 gb (attachment 1). When i try to add using ADD STORAGE button, it shows 50.11 gb...Is this space belongs to second disk ??

As per the spec, the server got 2 * 72 GB drives but not sure....Could someone clear my confusion why its showing 50.gb when im trying to add ??

The VM's in this server is running out of space...Can i extend the C drive in the vm ?? or adding another drive to vm using the free space..

My questions -

1. why its showing 50.xx gb free space (does this belongs to second drive)

2. how to check if the server got 2 drives , any commands to know the no. of physical drives in ESX ?

3. Is it possible to extend the C drive in the VM from above free space (50.xx gb) or can i add another drive in the vm ??


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Hi Sashi,

It looks like you definitely have two 70Gb disks

- one with ESX system partitions and 50Gb free space on vmhba 0:0

- one with a VMFS datastore on vmhba 0:1

But they don't seem to be in RAID 1. You should reboot your server and enter your RAID controller configuration for a check.

You can use the 50Gb free space to create a new datastore, create a new virtual disk and attach it to your VM.

Hope it helps