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Is there an easier way of obtaining patches for ESX Servers (ftp?)? Also, is there a way to download patches in bundle form from the website ( to avoid downloading one at a time?

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The below links have offer several automated solutions for ESX patching...

Patch Management for ESX Server 3 -

VI3 Upgrade and Patching -

Download -

Autopatching ESX host -

Patching and updating Vmware ESX Server 3 -

Automated download of ESX patches -

Patch Script: -

Pre-compiled patchlist.txt - and

ESX Automatic Patching -

VMTS Patch Manager -


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If you're on a Linux box you can use wget to download all the patches in one swoop. Download a patchlist like this one or just create your own with the patches you need and then just 'wget -i patches.txt' on your linux server in the directory you want the patches to be downloaded.