Know of any decent FREE reporting tools?

Simple question, I'm looking for a free reporting tool that does something similiar to Veeam Reporter? I love Veeam reporter but cannot justify the purchase to our IT department. I know of reporting tools out there such Embotics v-scout, problem is it doesnt allow you to export the data.

If anyone know of a installable or appliance or even a script that I can use to export all of my virtual servers into a spreadsheet.

I like the fact that Veeam's you can do different types of reporting and filtering. I just wish it was free!



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Have you tried out the export and report funktion in VC. There are lots of possibilities here.

Also export of all your vm / Host and ....Remember that the export will only export the viewed information..

So what you see in the right windows will be exported.

Event data export can be scheduled if needed.

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I've just star6ted to look at this tool: http://www.sysaid.com/free-monitoring-software.htm?adgrp=Adwordsmonitoringrest&gclid=CPuHmdnf7JYCFQSPFQodRVMErg

I can't tell if it is worth using it or not, yet. Regarding their website it is free for about 100 servers.

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Monitoring is quite a bit different than reporting. Are you looking for Monitoring or reporting? I.e. something that will write a report that you can use to either get a baseline configuration or something that outputs pretty charts of monitored data. Not quite sure what we are trying to accomplish.

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Jeff, unfortunately, we do not provide a free version of our Reporter. But if your main issue is getting the purchase justified with senior IT management, then you may want to check out Veeam Reporter Enterprise - this one should be much easier to justify because of all the additional functionality it provides around VI change management.

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