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Increase RDM size with DataCore


We have a file server with multiple RDM's mapped to it for user data etc. We need to increase the size of one of the RDM's. The RDM's are delivered via DataCore SANMelody and to increase them datacore states that the volume's need to be unmapped from ESX first and then increased and then mapped back again.

My first question is wether or not i can unmap the rdm while the VM is running, obviously with all io stopped on that drive? The main reason for this is so i don't have to affect any of the other drives on the file server.

If I do have to bring the vm down do I have to remove the rdm disk from the vm and then add it back in again after I have increased the size or can I just leave the vm configuration as is and perform the datacore operations.

I hope that this make sense.


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