How to setup boot on san properly

I have an IBM Blade HS21 with two FC HBAs. Each HBA connects to a separate FC switch and each switch connects to both processors on our EMC Clariion cx-300 SAN. In theory, the blade has four paths to a given LUN (assuming proper zoning and masking). I have created a LUN to boot from SAN and assigned it to Storage Processor A (SPA). The SAN is active/passive. Here are the paths to the LUN:

Option HBA Switch SP

1 1 1 A

2 1 1 B

3 2 2 A

4 2 2 B

From reading documentation, I gather that I can only use active paths to the LUN (options 1 and 3). Am I correct? Why cannot I use all four paths?

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You need to enable BOOT BIOS within the HBA of on your blade then make the necessary connections within these screens to connect to a specific LUN as the boot LUN. My book goes through these steps for both qlogic and Emulex.

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