File not found, rolling back in delta files also

Our VM SNAPS failed a wk ago and we just learned of it. I was rolling back in the delta files it creates when 1 of my w2k3r2sp2 guests went down. It was on Delta 000004.

ESX3.0.2, VC 2.5

The initial error I was getting was "cannot open the disk /vmfs/volumes/longuuid/... .../servername-00004.vmdk, or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: the parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created."

I tried unregistering the disk and re-registering it. Thats when I found out the VMX file was missing. Copied it back in from a SNAP of a week ago. re-registered it. Still no luck. Some research online suggested to put a # sign in front of the sched.swap line ( I relaized the swap file was missing at this point). no luck.

No w I am getting "File not found error". When I look at the disk under the settings I see that they arnt recognized.

My last good SNAP appears to be from 8-25.



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