File copy from ESX 3.0.1 to win 2003

Hi @all,

This is my first post, I have a problem and hope some of you will be able to solve.

In an ESX server 3.0.1 a .txt file is daily generated; I must implement a script to copy (ore move) this txt file to a Win 2003 server everyday; i've already tried with ssh2.exe but I can't pass over the step of "password request" (both sides). And scp seems to have the same problem.

I've tried both to copy starting from a win2003 environment (with ssh2.exe), and from the ESX server (with scp).

Unsuccessfully... Smiley Sad

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance for answering.


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If you want to have this working without a password you have to use ssh file client (like the free winscp) with public/private key pair authentication where the private key is not password protected. I would suggest to create a dedicated user on the ESX hosts for this purpose to keep the security.

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