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Automated Staging a VMGuest Machine with MS Active Deployment Services ADS

I am working with Visionapp Control Center 2006 R2 Standard to deploy MS Windows 2003 R2 Server STD-Edition using MS-ADS (Active Deployment Services).

MS-ADS cannot access the volume of

a guest machine running under VMWare Infrastructure 3.01.

After PXE - Boot, the next step, partitioning the disc should take place.

But is breaks after a timeout with the following Error.

The errormessage is :< The requested device/partition is in-accessible.

The device/Partition could be corrupt or invalid.>

After installing a VMWare Guest (Windows2003 Standard Server R2), I tried to capture an sysprep Image from this Guest with MS-ADS.

I use the Drivers for the SCSI Disc from D:/VMWARE TOOLS/SCSI

but it will fail with the Error Message: Failed to open volume.

Has someone faced the problem too ?

Can anybody help me ?

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