Where are there good (accurate questions & answers) VMware VCTA-DCV 2022 practice exams (NO DUMPS!!)


My general practice for preparing for any IT exam is to study the material (e.g., video tutorials, books, etc.) coupled by taking a plethora of practice exams I purchased via Udemy, Boson, etc. One has to be very careful with the purchase of any such practice exams for the majority of Udemy instructors who sell such IT practice exams are con men that do NOT offer any video tutorial courses on the topics that they offer practice exams for, instead it appears they go out and search the Internet for any sort of practice questions and resell them as their own creation (99% of the time such question are utter rubbish / crap).

I also categorically refuse to use any (supposed) "brain dump" types of test questions, both due to the issue surrounding the ethics of such sites (additionally, the same comments I made for the various Udemy practice exam instructors practice tests are applicable here I would assume as well).

Both Boson and CertMaster offer very quality (accurate example types of questions with superbly written / detailed explanations of each answer and why it was correct and/or incorrect). Alas, neither Boson nor CertMaster have any such VMware practice exams and I would gladly pay the $100 per such practice exam if they were to develop them.

So whom here knows of any "quality" practice exams for either the VMware VCTA-DCV 2022 or for the VMware VCP-DCV exam? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction, e.g., URL link, comments, etc.

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The practice exams from this site really helped me to passed the VCTA-DC exam

Please check here: 

Let me know if that helps