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Hello Everyone,

This topic has been discussed quite often here yet, I am posting this request for your input.  Thanks!

Here is what my home lab setup.

1. Two Dell PE R710 - Dual QC E5620 2.40GHz 12MB Cache - 16GB Memory - 2SAS 146GB Hard drive - Dual NIC & Power Supply

2. One Dell Latitude E6400 Core Duo - 8GB Memory - 500GB Hard drive - Single NIC - Will use this laptop for vCenter

3. One Dell Latitude M65 - Pentium 4 Mobile - 4GB Memory - 320GB Hard Drive - Single NIC - This laptop will run FreeNAS (Shared Storage)

I have this setup exclusively for VCP 4 preparation.  I will be attending 5 days course in Toronto soon.  Just waiting for 30% discount. 

I would be happy if you can take a look at the lab configuration and let me know, if, I will be able to perform all the features that are available in vSphere 4.1 (that is DRS, FT, HA, VMOTION, SVMOTION, VMware Consolidated Back & Recovery, Site Recovery & other features that, I might have missed).

I will be running 1 Data Center (Toronto) with 4 Windows Servers, 1 XP & 1 Windows Seven.  Will have same setup on the other R710 in order to test FT.

Look forward to your response.



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You have more than enough resources, Your in good share.

I have 1  XPS 1530 laptop  2.4GHz / 4GB  memroy.

Running two ESXi 4 and one Openfiler NAS on top of workstation 6.5

vCenter running on different laptop on windows 2008 64bit.

I have tested  vMotion and HA successfully. Planing to do SVMotion and FT (also vDistributed switch network)


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Welcome to the community.

Good environment.

With R710 you can test also FT and DirectPath.

IMHO: use vCenter in a VM (it will perform better than on your laptop) and consider to use a VSA (for the share storage)... in this way you could have all on the two servers.


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