Where to start -VCP?


I am interested in obtaining a VCP certification but am a little confused with all the paths/online training/2 days courses! etc etc!!!

I researched the VCP a couple of years ago but never got around to taking there's seems to no "one" cert like the old VCP. I have a little bit of experience with Vmware but not a lot - where would I go about starting to get a cert?

I'm a network admin for my company so I'm guessing the Data road map is the way to go...

Could any of you shed some light on where to start or where to sign up?


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Welcome to the Community - with vmware's expansion into other technologies i.e. Cloud and Desktop Virtualization there are now mutiple paths to gain a VCP - but I would agree that the one you should focus on is the Datacenter Virtualization or VCP-DCV - here is the link that will provide you with the necessary information.

There is a course requirement to obtain your VCP -  if you have limited experience I would recommend the Install and Configure class or if you have experience than I would look at the Fast Track class - there are links to the training classed on the above link.

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This URL explains the process:

To be a VCP you will need to take a class from a authorized training class provide and to pass the exam.