Some confusion regarding transcripts?

Hi All,

I passed the VCP410 exam on February 28th and received the "Notice of Technical Certification" email on March 8th. When I tried to follow the instructions in the email, I realized that I have duplicate VMware education services accounts. I signed up for the "Install, Configure, Manage" course through Dell Canada back in October and it appears that an account under my work email address was registered on my behalf. The ICM transcript is listed under that account, but the VCP410 test is now listed under an old account I created using my personal email address prior to that. I used my personal email address when I registered for the exam through Pearson VUE, so I'm assuming that is why it got associated with the VMware account with the same personal email address as well.

I sent an email to back on the 8th, and have not yet received a reply. I sent another email yesterday, but all I get is the automated FAQ response. I'm assuming they just need to move the transcript and delete the duplicate account, but can any one else provide some guidance or suggestions?

My apologies in advance if I just need to be a bit more patient. I prepared for the exam for months, so as I'm sure you can understand, I'm excited and anxious to get the official certification listed on my account Smiley Happy


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The certification team gets pretty busy, but you should hear from them.  You may also want to send a PM to  jonhall

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I also had the same issue as I was registered for ICM under my work email... If you contact education support they will merge the transcript information into the account of your choosing.