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Recommendations for VCP-IaaS study material?

already passed vcp510-dv.. so now i need to knock out IaaS to be cloud certified..

DV wasnt bad because i have years of experience with esxi/vcenter... took install/configure course... and read bill ferguson's book..

my problem with IaaS is that I have no experience at all with director.. and no access to it..

I guess I can set it up in a lab environment using my free workstation license

and can take advantage of the vmware online HOL..

we're a premier partner.. so i have access to some of the basic training.. knocked out vsp-cloud and vtsp-cloud, just for the heck of it.. but then tried a mock exam for IaaS and failed miserably..

Ive been approved to go to global knowledge's director install, configure, manage course... but want to find a good book to read in the meantime..

Ive looked around and havent seen many options for director reading material that may help prep for the exam..

anyone have recommendations?

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Note that (at the time of this writing) IaaS covers vCloud Director 1.5 while the VCP-Cloud exam is on 5.1.

VMware Learning has free videos on vCD, You can also look at some of the white papers


Your VMware Private Cloud: Evaluate and Architect Your Virtual Private Cloud

You might look at VCAP-CIA resources also as it is the hands-on (and advanced) version of VCP-Cloud.  Note that VCAP-CIA covers 5.1

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I've not seen many, but here's one I found through Google:

VCP-IaaS Study Notes | Virtual-Ice

This blog post was created by someone who took the exam, they recommend the classic blueprint/documentation/lab combination for preparation:

VCP-Cloud (VCP-Iaas) Exam Experience and Study Tips


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