How many VCP's in vSphere 5 are they?

Just wanted to know if there is a way of finding out how many VCP-5 there are out there?

I read somewhere on the forums that you retain your existing VCP number if you passed any previous VCP exams but wanted to know if there is a number I can boast to be part off .... Am sure there will be a flood of VCP 5's very soon.

Thanks for your replies in advance

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I am sure VMware will annnounce the number of VCPs at soem point.

You are correct you do keep you VCP number - mine has not change since getting it on ESX2 -

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All VCP (2,3,4,5) have a unique ID that does not depend by the product version... this make difficult know how many of them are on vSphere 5... but maybe VMware will publush some info about it.

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