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Home Lab Setup - using laptops

Hi All  -  Apologies if this is in the wrong thread - admins please relocate if this is the case.

I'm already a VCP5-DCV and I'd like to do the Cloud cert next. Looking to build a home lab with Director etc on top of the existing ESX / vSphere lab. But here is my dilemma:

The only hardware I have access to is two laptops. One Win7 Thinkpad and one MacBook Pro.  I'm quite lucky in that the MacBook has a 512 SSD and 16Gb RAM. The Win 7 has a regular HDD, 16Gb RAM and has my licensed version of Workstation that came with the VCP certification. Even the spec of the MacBook is pushing it somewhat to be entirely self contained.

What I'd like to know is if there's a way to host some parts of the lab on the two different machines but on the same wireless network so could communicate with each other.  I've had a go, but really struggling with the networking setup to work properly as there seem to be a myriad of options.

Thanks in advance.


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