Exam Syllabi for VCP-DCV (2V0-21.20) and VCP-NV (2V0-41.20)

Hi, everyone!

I'm looking to prepare for the VCP certifications for NV and DCV within the next month or two here. When I previously researched the VCP-NV and DCV certifications, the previous VMware website had a PDF that provided an exam overview, including a list/blueprint of topics that would receive coverage on the certification exams.

However, I'm having trouble finding such a document (if it even still exists) on the newly updated VMware website. I have looked on the exam page for the VCP-NV and VCP-DCV to no avail. The closest I have come is this PDF here:

However, this PDF only links me to the official VMware courses that I have no interest in taking, as I am an active holder of 3 CCNPs (Enterprise/SP/DevNet) and plan to obtain VCP-NV to satisfy eligibility criteria for VCP-DCV. Is there any documentation still available that directly outlines the topics that the exam may cover?

Furthermore, if there is no such documentation available, I did notice that there are course outlines available publicly for the official VMware training. Would referencing these course outlines throughout my review provide an accurate picture of the general landscape of the exam topic coverage?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide me!

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VMware Employee

Select a path on the left of the pages below to expose the links to the exam pages, that's where you'll find the exam guides:



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