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A few questions about VMware accounts

I just finished the vSphere ICM course, and intend to take the VCP5 exam as soon as I feel well enough prepared.  I attended a VCP prep course for 4.0 years ago, and never took the test.  This time, I intend to pursue the cert.

I registered with my personal email account when I took the class, because I was concerned that my old account(s) registered to my work address would be stuck in limbo somehow. I never used them, and have no idea what the passwords would be, etc.

At any rate, the only account that I KNOW I have right now is the My VMware account that I just created so I could post to this forum.  I also have the confirmation number I received for the class itself on Day 1 of the class. Here are my questions:

1) what else can I do with the My VMware account?  2) Do I also need a MyLearn Account?  3) Is it necessary to tie these accounts together? 4)Do I need the class confirmation number to create the MyLearn account?

The reason I ask these questions is I've had a few bad experiences trying to get accounts at vendors straightened out, and it seems like it's always advisable to keep everything organized right from the start, rather than attempt to fix them after they've become screwed up.

Thanks in advance,


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1) what else can I do with the My VMware account?

From the My VMware account you will be able to download trials, browse thru documentation, manage your licenses, get support or even buy things.

2) Do I also need a MyLearn Account?

As far as I know, yes. If you try to access "VMware Training" from the "My VMware" account, you will be asked to validate. This lack of SSO makes me think that there's no automated system that links the two accounts.

3) Is it necessary to tie these accounts together?

I don't even know if that's possible. As far as I know and from my answer in question 2, no, it's not necessary.

4)Do I need the class confirmation number to create the MyLearn account?

No. You can create your "MyLearn" account and then use the same e-mail address for pearsonvue gives that info to VMware and then reflect it on your VMware transcript. It's a really long process, it usually takes more than a month (at least all my experiences). Don't hestitate to send an email education support asking from within your mylearn account.

The most likely thing is that your records still exists in VMware's database. What I would do is:

1) Create a MyLearn account

2) Create a PearsonVue account with the same email address of your "MyLearn". Use one of your personal address for this, the certification and courses are yours, not your company's

3) Once all your accounts are created with the same personal information, send an email asking VMware to transfer your courses/certifications/accreditations from your old e-mail/account to your new created account. This is possible, I did this.

4) Edit your "MyVMware" account for personal use. I have two at the moment, one that I use for work in where I have all the NFRs assigned to my company, and the other one for personal use.

Note that VMware is going to "link" your old account to the new one. Also, If you want to reflect your certifications in your professional account (for partner level and competency reasons), you will need to create an account to use in partner central with your professional e-mail account and ask partner support center to transfer your certifications to your professional account. Again, this "transfer" is more like a "link" and can be undone in case you leave your company.

Ok. This is my advice based on my own experience. Wish you luck in your exam and with all the "paper work" Smiley Happy Don't expect things fast because they won't (sadly VMware is not very fast with these things...will depend on how much work they have at the moment. Sometimes they are just collapsed), but as I said before, don't hesitate to open cases if timeframes are not reasonable. Usually, they tell you 48 hours and usually, they miss that target.



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