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2V0-642 relevance

Greetings all,

I am considering whether to complete the 2V0-642 exam for my VCP-NV. This exam is now for a version of NSX-V which:

  • is no longer under mainstream support
  • is definitely not supported on the last two major vSphere releases.
  • is now two major releases behind the current version of NSX-V.

I had hoped to complete my VCP-NV in the next six months to maintain certification, and had hoped to use a different track to do so; however, I'm not sure whether certifying on a nearly out-of-date product is the best idea.

Does anyone know if there's movement in the works to update 2V0-642?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

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VMware are changing their certification naming convention and exam release schedule.

I would expect there to be an exam for VCP-NV 2019 released this coming January.

We are changing the way we name VMware certifications. The Year Makes It Clear. - VMware Education S...


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